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 55 Counseling

 57 Teaching Children

 54 Be a Bible-believer 4

 56 Weddings & Funerals

 58 Proficiency Examination

 Answer the 12 questions with 500 word essays and do not forget to include your  dispensational chart.  Answering the D.B.I. Proficiency Exam questions provides you with a good look at your belief system as it stands when you mail your answers to             D.B.I., Post Office Box 181, Greentown IN 46936-0181.

 Does I Corinthians 15:11 mean that Paul was teaching what Peter taught?

 Dealing with the fact that the Apostle to the Gentiles uses many Hebrew terminology

 Answering questions about Ephesians 2:19-21 and 3:5

 What we need to learn when people attack mid-Acts Dispensationalism

 II Corinthians 3:6 is a verse you will need to be able to handle

 How to deal with people who attack dispensationalism using Galatians 1:9

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 We are accused of making too much of Paul when the truth is red-letter Christians make
 too little of him and we musT establish the PROPER PAULINE PERSPECTIVE

 PROPER PAULINE PERSPECTIVES render us unacceptable to most of practicing “Christianity”
 and with  this lesson we complete our list of ten reason why that is true.

 Our authority                 Our ministry/methods                    as misfits

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